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Mission & Values


Many of us default to being everything for everybody. Here, you are implored to be fully present for yourself. 

Mahogany Manifesto™ has one goal: To be a partner in your pursuit of holistic wellness. 

Recognize, honor and nurture what makes you uniquely you

You are multidimensional. You are interesting. You are important. 

No matter how many people and entities depend on your skills, your energy, your productivity and more, Mahogany Manifesto™ is here to remind you that you matter. 

Self-care and wellness can easily become just words and figments our imaginations without simple tools to incorporate into real daily life. Self-care is often boiled down to the basics: spiritual, emotional and physical health. While they are the foundation, that list is incomplete. Mahogany Manifesto™ is striving to keep comprehensive wellness at the forefront of your world. Let's work together to focus on what matters most.


Thoughtful, enriching and simple are the determining factors of what is added to our Collections and what is shared through our communications.

We believe in the power of cooperative economics to promote access, equity and creativity. This is why our Aligned Collections include not only content that has been created by Mahogany Manifesto™, but also include resources and tools from other businesses that have a similar vision.

Time is our most valuable asset. Not a single second is promised and therefore the gift of time should not be taken for granted. How each of us uses this precious resource is a personal decision but being intentional about its utilization is key.

There is more to life than being "busy." Let our tools and resources play supporting roles in your exploration of the more in life.