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About The Daily Manifesto (Signature Collection)

Our Signature Collection, The Daily Manifesto, was birthed out of a need for a tool that puts self-care at the center of your routine. It is a written declaration of what matters most to you even in the midst of all the busyness.

Uncertainty and change are inherent aspects of life. Each day involves twists and turns. Armed with clarity around your top priorities, which you will chronicle and refine on the pages here, you will have a road-map that aids you in navigating through changes and challenges with a sense of peace.

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It's more than a planner...

Think of it as your wellness accountability partner. Each year, each month and each day, you will consider your wellness in a holistic sense – framed around a concept that originated at The Ohio State University called the "Nine Dimensions of Wellness."

The nine areas listed below play key roles in your overall health, but equal energy across all nine isn't the aim nor the expectation. Your attentiveness and intentionality, however, are imperative.

It is so easy to neglect essential components of your well-being when schedules and tasks are at the forefront of your day. Our sole purpose is to help you AFFIRM yourself, DECLARE your purpose and LIVE your truth - DAILY.

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Maximum Flexibility

Traditional planners constrain you to a preset order of pages and limited (if any) offerings for personalization.

The Daily Manifesto's loose-leaf format leaves the ultimate design up to you!

Is your preference to keep everything for each month in a single section? That works! Do you want your monthly sheets grouped and located separately from your daily pages? No problem! It is in your hands. Do what is best for you!

Rather than having to wait for a company to provide a new planner on its preferred timelines -- typically in time for the new calendar year and the new academic year -- with The Daily Manifesto, you can start utilizing it in any month.

With spiral- or hard-bound planners/journals, you are forced to keep pages from previous months in your notebook. With The Daily Manifesto you can keep them in or take them out. That's up to you. Since you are guided through reflections on a monthly basis with worksheets in The Daily Manifesto, it makes sense to go ahead and remove them. This allows the existence of only blank pages for a new period to serve as a physical representation of a fresh start. On the other hand, there may indeed be some content that you wish to carryover. At least the choice is yours and you are not stuck carrying around months-worth of material that you no longer need!

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Just to get you started...

If you are just starting out on your wellness journey or you would like to try out our framework as you weigh all of your options, then consider the 31-Day Wellness Planning Starter Set! There is a PDF self-printing version and a hard-copy booklet version. 

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