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Yay! It's National "Don't Give Up on Your Resolutions" Day!

Is this a real national holiday? Did I just make this up?

Ehhh... Who knows 😏 One thing is for sure: There is a common belief that it takes about 21 days to form a habit.

Here we are on day 22 of 2022.

How are those New Year's resolutions coming?

If you are anything like me, then you are knocking it out of the park on some of your goals and others are hanging on by a thread if they are still hanging at all. This can be a source of disappointment if you succumb to the pressure of self-imposed expectations. Instead, consider this to be the perfect time for a reset and renewal.

It is all about perspective!

Here are a few steps you can follow to get back on track:

  1. Look back at your goals for 2022 or the ones that you set for January. Mahogany Manifesto encourages customers and followers to structure objectives around the Nine Dimensions of Wellness and to write things down! If you have The Daily Manifesto refillable planner-journal, then just flip back to your monthly or annual wellness planning sheets. Learn more on this overview page.
  2. Note your progress toward each resolution/goal/objective. Consider these assessment options: Complete, Ahead of schedule, On track/In-progress, Not yet started, Off track, Scratched.
  3. Reflect on your wins. Celebrate your accomplishments and progress. Ask yourself about lessons learned and future applications.
  4. Think through the ones that you have not started and that are off track. Are you lacking inspiration? Do you find that it really is not relevant anymore? Is time a factor? Jot down adjustments you can make or choose to scrap the goal entirely. Wellness and unnecessary pressure don't mix. Focus on what brings you joy.
  5. Work in some quick fixes and personal incentives. Starting small is a good option. Five or 10 minutes of meditation, mindful movement, reading, meal prepping, etc. can go a long way. Challenge yourself to enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee only after you drink a certain number of glasses of water. Get creative!

At the end of the day, mindfulness it the ultimate goal. Things change. Life happens. However, the cost of losing yourself entirely is too great, so make sure you are doing something to check in and reset from time to time.

Cheers to 2022!

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