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What is a Weed? (and “The Power of Being Present” revisited)

Earlier this month, I had a fantastic shoot with a Columbus-area photographer. As we were heading into a coffee shop to take some product images (uploading soon!), we stumbled upon a beautiful open field. 

I immeadiately said: "Wow! Look at all those pretty flowers."

The photographer responded: "I think they're weeds, but they are pretty. We can definitely get some cool shots in there!"

And here you have it. A really cool shot.

That experience got me thinking about perspective. Sure, these plants were technically weeds -- and the whole field will soon be wiped out and covered by ANOTHER mega apartment complex (le sigh…) -- but in the moment, I was awed by their beauty.

In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson:

"What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”

Humans are so silly. We think we have the answer until the next great piece of wisom is thrust into our memory banks. 

Overall, I was reminded to stay focused on my view of the world. It's ok if we see things differently. There’s no need to cause harm or discord in the face of disagreement, a truth our elected officials need to embrace. Decisions have to be made and paths have to be chosen, but in sharing your perspective, you can spawn creativity and even learn something new yourself. This field of weed-flowers captured in the right light by the right photographer can be as beautiful as a field of roses. This is what existed along our path and we made the most of it. Rather than attempting to wish myself into a field of lavender, I expressed gratitude for the purple flower in hand. 

Later on, a quote by Alice Walker came to mind...




I wrote a short article inpspired by this quote that is included in expand form below.


The Power of Being Present

A famous song proclaims that there is a thin line between love and hate. I maintain that there is also a thin line between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

Life can get so mundane that it feels like it is going by at a painfully dull and slow snail’s pace. On the other hand, the go-go-go mentality of Western cultures can make days condense into a blurr.

How many times have you sat in an hour-long meeting and it ended without you retaining a single message? How many times have you been running the kids from activity to activity and rather than taking a break in a park, you chose to run one last errand? When's the last time you truly savored a meal or indulged in the process of making one?

Life is sprinkled with countless opportunities to slow down, be present and stand in awe of the glorious moments that we are in. The question is are we present enough to see and embrace their value?

I don't know how many times I have been on a vacation having a great time and then in the middle of it, I started planning my next one... 

Girl, what??? (Asking myself)

Always hoping. Always wishing. Always looking at other people's travels, gardens, relationships, experiences, incomes, levels and spheres of influence and wishing they were mine. Meanwhile, the moment I'm in is giving me everything it has to give, and I'm not paying it as much attention as I can be.


I’m encouraging you (while I'm encouraging myself) to pause, reflect and be in the moment.

Notice the purple flowers.

I had the chance to practice what I am preaching while writing my wellness pReview for the months of April - July.

Just like walking slowly through a park or listening deeply to friends, writing pen to paper about your goals, progress, feelings and needs gives you a chance to see life -- your precious life -- in a new way.

We are over six months into the year. This is the perfect time to pause.

If you don't have a tool for meditative journaling or wellness reflection, rest assured that The Daily Manifesto is here for you.

Get in the habit of making time for YOU. The steps laid out below can support you in this perpetual exercise.


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