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Revamp Your Wellness Habits for 2021

Moving On!

2020 needed to be over yesterday!

An exaggeration?

Only slightly...

It is safe to say, however, that many of us are looking forward to a fresh start. (I know I am.) Each January provides a natural opportunity for rejuvenating one's goals and personal commitments.

I am especially looking forward to January 20th. It has been a looooonnnnnnggggg four years... Cheers to and prayers for a BETTER FUTURE!!

But you know what the Good Book says?

Faith without works is d-e-a-d!

Prayers are always needed, yet action is necessary as well.

This isn't a call for everyone to sign up for an intense virtual CrossFit class, go all in on the Whole 30 meal plan, undertake the Daniel Fast or engage in some other intense ambition.

I am inviting you to take part in guided reflection.

Let's think of some small steps toward improved well-being that can help us kick-off 2021 in the spirit of self-care.

If CrossFit, Whole 30 or another program is in your realm of interest, go for it! At Mahogany Manifesto, the goal is to make self-care routine and long-lasting. Sometimes all you need is a tweak here or a boost there.

Consistency is key!

Starting on December 23, we'll begin our countdown to 2021 by leveraging the Nine Dimensions of Wellness as the framework for exploration.  

Spread the word by telling a friend or two! Email list subscribers will receive daily messages through January 1st. 

If you already have access to the downloadable PDF version of The Daily Manifesto, this is the perfect time to print off a new "Big Picture Wellness Intentions & Goals" worksheet. It will come in handy 😉

Gain instant access by ordering the 12-Month PDF version of the all-in-one planner, journal and self-care tracker today! 

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I am looking forward to getting started and I hope you are, too! Follow Mahogany Manifesto on Instagram for more 🖤 

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