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Emotional Wellness During the Holidays

Three areas of wellness need a little extra protection during the holiday season: Social Wellness, Emotional Wellness and Financial Wellness.

When designing the “Pre-Holiday Wellness Boost Workbook," I thought about adding a fourth category of focus -- Physical Wellness -- but, from my experience... that one takes a hit when mental health is off center. 

  • Going to all of your cousins' houses for Thanksgiving? ➞ Well you haaaavvvveeee to eat and drink something at every stop. I mean... you can't come off as rude if you're offered food. Plus, it's just one day, right? Oh wait, but there's also leftovers...
  • Alone and lonely on Christmas?  Binge on ice cream and Netflix to fill the void, of course!
  • At a New Year's Eve event that you bought a ticket, new dress and new wig for -- none of which you could really afford since you went over on your gifts budget? ➞ Well, make up for it by eating all the hors devours and downing the champagne. Get your money's worth 🙌🏽 Besides, you're here as a third wheel anyway...
  • New Year, New You! Now that you bought a fancy blender, yoga pants with pockets and a gym membership, you're sure to get your body right and tight for swimsuit season. ➞ Fast forward to January 15... you've been to the gym exactly once though...

The point is, all of the wellness categories are interconnected, but the only way we are able to monitor our coping choices is by monitoring our emotions.

In the moment, you may not be able to put your finger on what's "under your skin," but through journaling, prayer, mediation and other mindfulness practices, you can contemplate healthier alternatives.

For example one, boundary setting and reinforcement may be needed. Example two might call for some Social Wellness tactics. Try a Zoom call with framily or search for a meetup group for other single people in your area. And so on.

On Mahogany Manifesto’s Pinterest board called “Holiday Wellness" (, there is a detailed feelings wheel. This is a great tool for drilling down further and going beyond surface words that we use daily.

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