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2021 Monthly Wellness pReview - April, May, June & July

Well... this took longer than I anticipated, BUT such is life and that's okay!

Since I am essentially addressing a quarter's-worth of reflections, I am going to display all of my wellness goal trackers for the April-July period and hit on four key takeaways. 

Takeaway #1

Wellness planning is for you, not for show, so even if you don't get to chat with friends/accoutnability partners about your progress (or blog about it... like me), it's still a MUST!

Speaking from personal expereince... certain elements of my life had to be put on the backburner. Keeping up with the blog is one of those activities that fell to the bottom. April is the beginning of gardening in Ohio and May brings the end of school for my son, his birthday and preparation for his summer with his dad. That's a lot to juggle while still working full-time and maintaining my home.

However, my commitment to MYSELF never waivered. I still set goals and gave myself grace when I needed to modfiy them along the way or if they weren't entirely completed. At the end of the day, it's about knowing which aspects of your routine are musts and which ones are maybes.

Wellness planning, overall, is a must and aligning your energy with your available time is part of that process. 

In the spring and summer months, Evironmental Wellness is all-consuming for me and it gives me so much life! Now, had I realized that blogging was an essential aspect of my wellness -- falling into Creative and/or Intellectual Wellness -- then I would have made time for it and something else would have been set aside.

The three building blocks of wellness (Spiritual, Emotional and Physical) should NEVER be negotiables. Yeah, yeah, yeah... "Never say never," but for real, NEVER let those three go. The other six categories (Career, Financial, Social, Intellectual, Creative and Enviromental) offer the most flexibility.

Here are the goals I set for April, May and June. Notice: There are "X's."




Takeaway #2

Wellness Stacking is the key to stress-free goal achievement. 

What is Wellness Stacking? It is when one activity supports your well-being in multiple ways.

For instance, I didn't track my Physical Wellness as closely as I do in the winter because through gardening (in three different locations!), I am constantly walking, bending, lifting, stretching and sweating. I also meditate while gardening -- naturally steeped in gratitude and reflection. I get to chat with other growers and neighbors while I'm out doing my work (Social Wellness) and the exposure to sunshine is an added bonus that enhances my mood. Check out this 30-second video I made about gardening for wellness.

Think creatively about how you can layer wellness categories!

Takeaway #3

Career Wellness requires patience and courage.

I'm saying this based on two recent expereinces. 

  1. I just accepted a new position with my current organization, but that didn't come to me out of nowhere. I actually applied to three openings and heard nothing for almost two months, and before even applying, I held over 10 informational interviews and spent hours revamping my resume. All of this required patience. I knew I was ready for a change, but I stayed focused on the building blocks believing that each new connection and each suggested edit was taking me in the right direction.
  2. My productivity soared while working from home. Starting in May and June, we began having serious conversations about the "Return to the Workplace." Those words breed anxiety in my soul. When I hear them and/or read them, I am flooded with stress -- getting two people ready in the mornings, healthy lunches packed, dinners prepared in advance, traffic jams, snowy roads, meetings on the other side of campus, fueling up more often at the gas station. I realized that I was saving so much money by working from home once I saw how adding aftercare back into my budget affected my savings rate... GAH! In my current position, I have been holding strong on my desire to work from home at least two days each week moving forward. Moving into a new position means navigating new dynamics. However, I have to keep right on advocating for myself. That takes courage. My suggestion to you is also my suggestion to myself, make a strong case and don't give in.


Takeaway #4

Being able to make shifts and pivots in wellness during naturally busy times drives home the importance of Emotional Wellness.

You have to be in tune with what you are feeling in order to meet your own needs.

This is why The Daily Manifesto system is so handy. Everyday, you have a built-in space for jotting down feelings -- whether they are joyful or not so joyful. Notice when you are feeling overwhelmed and TAKE ACTION. If your calendar is filling up, BLOCK OFF TIME for rejuvenation. If you are tired, TAKE A NAP. This is how I interpreted my current counseling assignment of "flowing like water." Yes, I'm talking about using a planner, but it's more so a resource for reflection as opposed to a dogmatic tracking of your life.

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