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10 Free (or Cheap) Ways to Get Creative This Fall

(Note: Masks 😷 were worn during the pictured visit to the pumpkin patch when social distancing was not possible 🙂)


As the weather cools down, people tend stay indoors. Just because you're not getting out as much doesn't mean you have to resort to binge watching every TV series and documentary that is available on Netflix. To be sure, there is most certainly a huge place for valuing and supporting the performing arts, but don't just sit on the sidelines -- get in on the action!

Creative wellness is important but often neglected. By enhancing your creativity, you gain knowledge and understanding of yourself and the world around you. Whether it's through the arts or various cultural experiences, you deepen your value for self-expression and expand your capacity for innovative thinking.

Creative wellness and intellectual wellness are closely knit. As you are thinking of ways to grow in one area, consider how the activity or process helps you grow in another category as well. This is what we like to call "wellness stacking." With limited time and energy, explore ways you can double or triple up on your wellness goals simultaneously.


Here are 10 free or pretty low cost ways you can build on your creativity this fall:

  1. Use the blank side of some old printouts or office papers and sketch or paint a landscape scene.
  2. Check out a book from the library, but this time pick a selection that is in a genre that you don't normally choose.
  3. Create a playlist themed for the season. Spotify makes this super easy and it's free! We created one for the Mahogany Manifesto community called the "Fall Feels Playlist" in under 10 minutes. Spotify even provides suggested songs based on the ones you've added. Add a couple that you haven't heard before to mix things up.
  4. During this time of continued social distancing, we can't do all of the things we would prefer at the moment, but you can always make a post-COVID wish list. Pinterest is a great resource for wish list creation and tracking. Speaking of Pinterest... follow us!
  5. Visit a new gallery or museum. Look for discounts on admission through your place of employment. There are usually days or time slots that are free to the public or that offer reduced price for families. If you don't see the information on the venue's website, just call the front desk. There may be a deal that hasn't been widely advertised.
  6. View an online exhibit in a city that you haven't been to before. Here's a list of 10 museums across the globe that offer tours online.
  7. Take a dance class via the internet. Here's one to consider: Alvin Ailey Extension Online.
  8. Get busy in the kitchen! (Naughty or nice... that's your business and we don't judge 😉) What we actually mean is try a new recipe. Why make the same old dishes when you can mix it up! If you have a fall garden, challenge yourself to use ingredients from your own fresh produce. 
  9. You're interesting. You've been through some stuff. You have a story to share. Why not write a memoir? If you don't know where to start, get some ideas on YouTube or enroll in a creative writing workshop. Wesleyan University offers a free training through
  10. Last but not least, STILL GET OUTSIDE, just bundle up and wear a mask! There are pumpkin patches and apple orchards galore. Bring back your haul and go back to the suggestion in #8 -- cook and enjoy! 

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